Welcome to the Parappuram website

The Parappuram family is a small group of God fearing people originally from Pallom who have now moved to different parts of the world for want of employment or living conditions.

People who live at Pallom share good memories about their relatives who often visit them. This website is about sharing information related to our existence, to the people we are connected to, as a family in Gods own village, Pallom.

Pallom as you may be aware of a lazy little place applies to our members too. It takes a great effort to get anything done here. Not to mention getting up early in the morning during monsoon. In the coming days we will try to improve on this character, but it is a little slow here. We will try to speed up things in this internet yuga.

If you share the family name Parappuram, Pucadiyil, Kalarickal Maliyil or Thoppil, Chirayil, Changanari Chirayil, Kunjiparambil or Pallikunnel and are from Pallom or believed to be from Pallom or Niranom, please get in touch with us. The contact information is provided on the contact page.

On the occasion of the inauguration of this website, we would like to present a beautiful poem written by Padmasree Prof. P.I. John, Pucadyil.

The Tides in Us

The tides in us rise to the call of the moon
and make us dance to some forgotten tune
Hark! we say, searching the wind for the voice
that spoke to us once in the garden of Eden
Lost in the crowds we see those very faces
that walked with us during the primal dispersion
dragons that spew fire chase us in dreams
as we flee down the hill seeking places to hide
we tremble on seeing the shape of the beast
in the flickering shadows that speckle the night
hearts beat in step with the crash of the waves
which sing to us songs that we once had remembered
were we not one as we started our journey?
why did we break into races and tribes?
what in the new worlds we found made us forget
that we too had spoken as one before Babel